Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Root New Andromax-I

Here is how to do a root of New Smart Fren Andromax I


1. CWMR And ADB, can be downloaded here
2. SuperSU, can be downloaded here

The Steps :
1. Enter the file UPDATE-SuperSU-v 1.51 .zip to the Sd Card
2. Turn on the USB sebugging HH Droiders
3. Extract the rar files Tool.
4. Press Shift + right click in the folder extract results
5. Select "Open command window here"
6. Type in "adb devices" (without the quotes)
7. If it is readable, the display will appear as in this link
8. Then type "adb reboot bootloader" (without the quotes)
9. TThen HH restarts automatically and goes into fastboot mode
10. An advanced type "fastboot boot recovery. img" will look like this photo
11. If already logged in CWM, select Update.zip from sdcard - use the volume up button for the up and down volume buttons to the bottom
12. Use the power button to select
13. Select file UPDATE-SuperSU-v 1.51 .zip
14. Wait until finished
15. Back then choose reoiders boot now
16. Check whether there is an application called SuperSU? If there are any means congratulations! Your New Andromax-i had success root

1. If ADB unread, can use the tool Zhoudashi, Wondershare, Snappea. Zhoudashi can be downloaded here
2. If at the time the Shift + right click is not out "open command window", the solution extract tool. rar in C:\ then open CMD and type "cd C:\Tool" (without the quotation marks). After that execute as usual
credit: Daffa D'Cheater and Wardiyanto Ferry Sevenvoldism