Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360, this HH indeed only has a Processor and Ram are minimal because it includes this HH is HH lowend causing Galaxy Y is a little slow and less responsive. But the owners of the Galaxy Y does not have to be disappointed for the shortage are many ways to cover the shortfall Galaxy Y is one way to rooting. Overview sense Root itself:

What is Root?
Root is a user who has the ability to leverage and free to do whatever he wants to do on the android system
Then what is the function of the Root?
Root serves to give the user full rights on the Android to be able to get into the Android system itself.
Excess and deficiency ROOT Root can be read Here.

Consequences that should be in the know when doing ROOT:

  1. Warranty eliminate your Android
  2. Security Issues In Android
  3. When Rooting Process Failure Risk (which caused a lot of things)

If you already know and the consequences you would continue Rooting follow steps - these steps:

  1. Previously advised to do backup important data first.
  2. Make sure the battery is charged at least 30% - 50%.
  3. Download and place the file on your SD Card Android phone.
  4. To simplify the process of rooting drop or place the file in the main directory of the SD Card.
  5. Next, turn off your phone or Android smartphone.
  6. Press the Volume Up + Home + Power button simultaneously about 12-15 seconds to get into recovery mode.
  7. Select "apply update from sd card". Use the volume up or volume down to direct the cursor and press the home button for OK.
  8. Select the file "" on your SD Card.
  9. Select "reboot system now" After the process is completed extack.
  10. Let your Android phone or smartphone to life. Please check SuperUser app is there? If it exists, the root was a success!

Demo Video :

Source : MenutipIlmu