Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catfish, BBM for Android

BBM for Android? First it was the excess that is not owned Android Blackberry. Until now, that too is still exclusively for BB, but do not worry because there are similar applications in the android is very similar to BBM, the name of the application is catfiz. To download BBM on Android catfiz unfortunately not available in the Android Market.

Download Catfiz Aplikasi buat BBMan di Android Catfiz Aplikasi buat BBMan di Android
Applications Catfiz is one the nation's children who live in Surabaya. SMS era is over, now entering the era fiture messenger who has more than just a short message, and not only that, in terms of cost is also cheaper than SMS. Remember the slogan ILI? I Love Indonesia, it's time we love the products of our nation. Catfiz application is designed specifically for android phone with fiture include: PIN user identification, Chat message, Voice messages (Voice chat), Photo sharing, file sharing, Catfish Send Contact, Blitz / buzz, user status, status comment, Recent Updates , Broadcast message, Pool Conference / Group, Conference file share, the Conference voice message.
PIN user identification or call the NIC can be replaced with a more easily memorized, supposing if your phone number is "beautiful number". The developer has stated that Catfiz will become free forever. The number of android users I think this will push the development of Blackberry Mesengger.
Why do you need to download Catfiz for android?
No hidden costs, can send free messages to your friend as long as you are connected to the Internet.
Been downloaded and used more than 75 000 android user.
100% free forever.
Group Chat with your contacts.
No need to Login / Logout as Catfiz always ON and always connect.
Status updates, comments like facebook status.
Broadcast Message as fuel
Share photos, Voice Chat and Private Chat.
Excess catfiz than Whatsapp is file transfer capabilities better, but it can send various types of files including Android *. Apk package, whereas Whatsapp can only send multimedia files as well as contact files.
With a myriad of advantages catfiz, it seems mandatory downloaded this one application.
So, please download at the link Catfish.apk