Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rooting Smartfren Andromax

How to root SF Andromax?
An easy way to root Andromax SF are:
DWYOR (Do With Your Own Risk)  :D

Step 1
Download materials : (~6.21 MB) (~669.1 KB)

 Windows Driver Andromax-i (~8.2 MB)

Specifically for the sdcard it can not be read in CWM, replace  with this: (~6.42 MB)

Step 2
In order not to complicated use a card reader, first install Windows Driver. Just click its setup.exe
When finished installing driver windows, save the file and CWM microSD into microSD.

How: Connect the data cable to HH with computer / laptop, choose the mode of storage media. Continue to live Copas file and to microSD.

Remember, there will be two drives what detected that, the drive (G :) internal memory and drive (I :) microSD. So, do not be wrong to keep it.  Once copied to the microSD, select mode simply fill out, unplug the new data. Turn off the HH.

Step 3
After HH turn off, simultaneously push the power button + volume down button. Let no one, signed lower volume button first, then push the power button deh her ​​until the HH turn on. After turn on, it will display the image android being demolished.

Click on the home button, it appears Adroid System Recovery

Navigate using the volume buttons, menu to apply update from external storage, then push the menu button (left of the home button) to select, then appear appearance like this:

Seen earlier, there are two files that have been saved to the microSD. Navigate to the file CWM- volume button, then select ok by pressing the menu button (left of the home button).

Signs are finished installing CWM

Reboot HH, then turn off again your HH.

Special to the already updated ROM (E667.6.07.00.IDCS) via OTA, if CWM is not installed, the solution while at the maxi in immediate reboot dislodged the batteries (do not let it go to the home screen). New CWM will be installed. Then just go to Step 4.


Step 4
After HH turn off, simultaneously push the power button + volume down button. Let not one, press the volume down button once, then press the power button until the turn on HH. CWM appearance later emerged that have been installed earlier.
- Select / OK: push the search button / loop image
- Directing choice: push the volume up / down
- Return / Back: push the button back / back

Choose install zip from sdcard

Then choose zip from sdcard

Navigate to the file-SuperSU, press OK

Navigate to Yes - Install, then OK

Characteristics CWM-SuperSU-v0.99 already installed

Press the back button a few times to the main menu, select reboot, push OK.

Step 5
Once inside the home screen, open the app draw, see whether there was an app Super User or not. If no application Super User, it means that the process of rooting success.

Congratulations, your HH have successfully root


Thank you, may be useful

Referensi : Facebook Group Smartfren Andromax-i , KASKUS and