Friday, April 12, 2013

BNN Not Rated Current Cooperative Rehabilitation,'s Answer Party Raffi Ahmad

Jakarta - The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) through its legal counsel, Dwi Heri Sulistiawan Raffi Ahmad uncooperative judge in rehab. It also invites comments from the attorney Raffi.

"There is no legal basis for rehabilitating BNN Raffi. Which do with Raffi is pembantaran, not rehabilitation. Both are very different and have different legal consequences," said Raffi Ahmad's attorney, Gloria Tamba, SH to detikhot, Friday (12 / 4/2013).

"Disproof by BNN with Raffi sick reason, when in fact Raffi in a healthy condition. Fair if BNN, BNN should immediately receive an independent doctor who has been proposed, which will examine and prove that Raffi healthy," he continued.

Previously, Dwi Heri said that Raffi refused to follow the rules while in rehab Lido, Sukabumi, West Java. "We can still do the rehabilitation. Raffi uncooperative But in doing rehab process," he said yesterday.

"Raffi did not want to go through the detox process for 2 weeks. I do not know the reason. (Process) is a long time," said Dwi Heri citing the example of 'insubordination' Raffi.

Source : DetikHOT